26 Jun 2014

Printmaking Workshop

This week Gerry and I ran a printmaking workshop at Tweedmouth West School. Every child in the school took part. We taught years 1 to 4, and when we ran out of time, the year 4 children, who were now experts, taught the reception children. We had a fantastic time, and the results were truly amazing. Lots of talented children.

(These pictures have a strange absence of children, we did take lots of pics of the children at work, but probably don't have permission to publish them here, I'm never quite sure where I stand with that, so I haven't posted them.)


  1. I love it! They are all sooo beautiful! Please will you teach me when we are back? Eleanor xxx

  2. These are brilliant! Will you share the technique?

  3. Guff, I certainly will when I get a chance. We used styrofoam to print with. It's brilliant for printing with children.