8 Jul 2014

Baby, I Love You

This is a job I did for UNICEF and publisher, Nosy Crow. Here it is being read by UNICEF Ambassador Ewan McGregor.

When this projecct was presented to me, I was super keen to do it. I like the book's message: To be a parent you don't need to be perfect. All a baby needs is love.

You can read more about this very special UNICEF project here.

26 Jun 2014

Printmaking Workshop

This week Gerry and I ran a printmaking workshop at Tweedmouth West School. Every child in the school took part. We taught years 1 to 4, and when we ran out of time, the year 4 children, who were now experts, taught the reception children. We had a fantastic time, and the results were truely amazing. Lots of talented children.

(These pictures have a strange absence of children, we did take lots of pics of the children at work, but probably don't have permission to publish them here, I'm never quite sure where I stand with that, so I haven't posted them.)

10 Jun 2014

Angels and Urchins Preview-Review!

Angels and Urchins magazine have given How to Hide a Lion from Grandma a great thumbs up pre-publication! They even liken my work to the great Ardizzone!!?! How lovely is that?

Prix Livrentete Winner 2014!

Oh my! How to Hide a Lion has won the Prix Livrentete (Image Category) 2014! 

9 Jun 2014


My good friend, and Instagram star,  is having a signed Fleabag and How to Hide a Lion givaway! 

This has finished now, congratulations to the winners!

5 Jun 2014


My partner, Gerry Turley has a beautiful new book out today! Congratulations Gerry!

Fun with Peggy

Peggy is our new rescue dog, and we're just getting to know her. 

Facts we have learned about Peggy so far:

She likes running on the beach with her ears flapping
She likes to get prime spot in front of the fire (we are supposed to tell her to move otherwise she will think she is top dog, but we let her off on the first day)
She chases ANYTHING that moves including cars (eeek!)
She doesn't bark at all unless there's another dog around (suprising for a terrier, but we have been warned she might find her voice when she's been with us for a few weeks!)
She doesn't seem to have much of an appetite! I never met a dog who isn't obsessed with food before!
She likes to pull on the lead
And she likes children, even when they follow her all over the place and get in her bed.

That's all for now, I'll let you know more about our adventures with Peggy as they happen.

4 Jun 2014

SCBWI Picture Book Retreat

It's that time of year again, the SCBWI Picture Book Reteat is being planned, and I can't wait! I did it last year and it was so inspiring. It's not only the attendees who learn from the the faculty members, I came back feeling excited and ready throw myself back into work too.

2 Jun 2014


So, Peggy is at home. We picked her up from the shelter last Tuesday and we have been having lots of fun getting to know each other. We have learned that she is house trained, she responds to some commands and is a a very lovable wee dog who loves children. She was called Maizie when we picked her up, but we changed her name to Peggy as we already have a Maisie in the family and thought it would be confusing.

I did a book called Fleabag a few years ago (due to be re-released with a lovely new cover very soon), based on a dog I met at Battersea Dogs Home. I've been looking for a Fleabag type dog ever since, and when Peggy appeared at the local shelter, I couldn't resist.

I did a few drawings of her the other day, but nothing good enough to show you yet.

In Tiawan they have been learning English while reading How to Hide a Lion!

27 May 2014

Doggy news!

For the past year or so we have been looking on our local Dog Rescue Centre website for a smallish scruffy dog who is good with children, but they are few and far between. Then suddenly, last week a little dog appeared who looked just right, and here she is:

She is a Patterdale Bedlington cross who likes children, and we are picking her up today!

I think we'll have our work cut out. She is 18 months old and has had very little training. She is house trained, but has absolutely no recall. We start dog training classes on Thursday, more for us that her I think!

Watch this space!